The beginnings of Group Emporium Corp. GEC

If you expect this to be purely a business blog post, I'm sorry to disappoint you as I'm writing this as part of my online writings in a style following the ancient philosophy of the Body, Mind and Spirit. Not that I'm not a business minded person but I prefer to be known as a loving Family man, an optimal Entrepreneur as well as a humble Spiritual man, all rolled into one. Best way to explain it all is to introduce myself as an aspiring writer with the latest view ratings by Google+ found here.

Invited to be the co-founder and COO of Group Emporium by Carlos E. Jean-Gilles,  the Founder and CEO of a company that we are going to incorporate together soon, this is really about a business said to be in its very early stages at this point of writing. However it is not considered new to our minds and visions. For Carlos who has spent 7 years working on this launch and I with 30 years of preparation in multiple disciplines as an entrepreneur supporting a family of 6 children, …

Continuation of my relationship with Carlos E. Jean-Giles and my Journey of Life.

People are more important than Things

Some email exchanges continued immediately after our visit in Seattle, with Carlos clarifying reasons for the way the Founder's agreement was drafted and also giving me tips to help me possibly find my iPad that was lost in the night of our last meeting. It was probably left outside a restaurant we had dinner in that was closing where we had to continue in our 'to go packed meal' in a sitting area nearby. Frankly, I wasn't too concerned about either as my life has been such that nothing really disappoints me. I just move on in life as I've lived long enough through so many chapters in my 'Journey of Life' to know what really matters most in my life. It was easy for me to move forward steadily being continuously filled with purposeful activities each day in my life.

I truly believed, 'People are more important than Things' where my thoughts have clearly been put in print in this journal post.

From the above journ…