Continuation of my relationship with Carlos E. Jean-Giles and my Journey of Life.

People are more important than Things

Some email exchanges continued immediately after our visit in Seattle, with Carlos clarifying reasons for the way the Founder's agreement was drafted and also giving me tips to help me possibly find my iPad that was lost in the night of our last meeting. It was probably left outside a restaurant we had dinner in that was closing where we had to continue in our 'to go packed meal' in a sitting area nearby. Frankly, I wasn't too concerned about either as my life has been such that nothing really disappoints me. I just move on in life as I've lived long enough through so many chapters in my 'Journey of Life' to know what really matters most in my life. It was easy for me to move forward steadily being continuously filled with purposeful activities each day in my life.

I truly believed, 'People are more important than Things' where my thoughts have clearly been put in print in this journal post.

From the above journal post, three significant posts follow in the beach town of Kuantan which became one of the places of great inspiration to me in my writing career with the following journal posts recordings:

1) The Body Mind Spirit and MH370 connection

2) Happenings in Kuantan after I return for more inspiration

3) Continuation of my relationship with Carlos E. Jean-Giles and my Journey of Life

As a serial entrepreneur and writer,  I continued being busy with my own business and lost contact with Carlos for over a year and my Latest News is where one can catch up with time on my personal developments.

The third story is, of course, this journal post which carries a significant title highlighting the continuation of my relationship with Carlos and the continuation of my Journey of Life and what will be written truly will be linked to Kuantan town too. The reason for this is I have a planned trip there since before this post was created. This post was started in Singapore where thoughts of going to Kuantan were already manifested when I was in Kuala Lumpur before I left for Singapore. However, it was too rushed as I had two significant events of my youngest two sons in Singapore to attend to, now recorded in my family journals here as event 1 and event 2. This was especially urgent and important for me as I have been known as the "Be there Dad" whenever there were major events in the lives of my children.

I was back in Kuantan on Mother's Day of May 2017 and made the following facebook post:

Brief on the Life of Carlos E. Jean-Giles

Carlos is one man whom I had the opportunity to get to know closely who is an American of Caribbean descent from Haiti where he used to walk barefooted on the island. He had spent his youth in Canada when the family left their native island before joining the rest of his family in the United States as migrants. Being a good English writer, a very intelligent man and also very outspoken in his views regarding matters in the US, he has augmented my mind with greater knowledge of the United States in the way they conduct their business and the application of law in their land, having himself worked for established law firms in New York City for many years. His mastery of Social Media and computer knowledge was also a great help to me as he helped me to increase my competency in this new field of the ever-changing information world. Most significantly he encouraged me to write my book and publish it, giving me many coaching tips along the way. From our friendship and exchanges, I could cite 3 of his strong characteristics below:

Stands for something good with strong views - Carlos held strong views about truth and honesty to the extent that he would walk out of Facebook the same way he walked out of his Catholic church when he felt principles he believed in were excessively violated.

Believes in continuous learning focused with a worthy cause - He is a good example to me of excellence achieved with a belief in continuous learning. His self-mastery of legal writing, writing for publishing, facebook and computer mastery was impressive to me to inspire me to embark into the future as a socialpreneur.

Has experiences involving Telesthesia - Apparently Mark Zuckerberg talked about how telepathy may be the facebook communication that may take place in the future based on some recent research but Carlos prefer to use the term Telesthesia that is more scientific. He relates his own personal experience in this LinkedIn article

My association with Carlos, with his clear personal writings and communications to me, helped me further understand what life is like living in the United States, supplementing my knowledge gained from my own travels there during my lifetime with 25 long flights to date recorded in my handwritten notes. I had also gleaned much experience serving as a management consultant to several American companies to act for them in Asia, not forgetting watching and reading what is today called "fake news" from popular American media on TV and the internet!

Watch the two videos below to gain an understanding of the problem :

From the above videos, I like to highlight the point of what I like in a free and educated country like the US. One can always get an explanation or rationale for one's Mind from someone else to help one understand what is happening and how to make better judgments in the future instead of being blindly led to believe false information. The Cognitive skills of the US must be recognized.

My Journey of Life

What is interesting to be mentioned here, as I named the 3 characteristics of Carlos above is that I seem to have walked a similar path on the other side of the world in my own Journey of Life. Let's consider the following:

Stands for something good with strong views - Spirituality only came to my life just as I was turning to become a full adult at age 21, a story well chronologized in my spiritlane journals. In the later part of my life, I somehow felt inspired to write a spiritual resume which does in fact reflect that I did walk out of my own audit profession that I was educated and trained for! 

Believes in continuous learning focused with a worthy cause - My life's journey has been a pursuit of knowledge and experience to become a person of character and competence to be able to be trusted by others to do the job of helping them transform their lives or organizations for the better. This cause has even been synchronized to fit the initials of my name CSF to reflect my desire to Connect, Synergize and Futurize with others.

Has experiences involving Telesthesia - This term was chosen by Carlos to describe unique occurrences of his life. In my own experience, especially while I was in Kuantan pondering about the disappearance of the MH370 airplane of the country, I definitely had experiences that involved Telesthesia. It led to meeting the husband of a woman who had also passed away like my wife where he wrote about his experiences in several journal articles of his own. At the time of the MH370 disaster, I only read his Part 1 and Part 1.1 articles. Later more were added: Part3Part 4Part 5 and Part 6 was written due to my latter 1st insect experience that I had written about. Even on a latter date of the 2nd Anniversary of the MH370 disappearance, I had another extraordinary insect visitation experience that Robert shared as well.

Carlos had expressed to me that I was the brother he wished he had in his life and when we discussed our birth dates, his was close enough to mine, being in the same year of 1958 on 18th Nov while mine was earlier in October on an earlier day! Read the comments Carlos wrote in my blog post on my return trip to Kuantan.

Yes, Carlos and I definitely have a lot in common and while America's strong culture of individual freedom and the respect of law has shaped him, the strong culture in Asia of the family or team and respect of the elders or filial piety has shaped me too in different ways.

It is just as well that we both carry on with our self-actualization process going on different roads to write our own book or books, where hopefully what we share to the world, both the East and the West can contribute to making it a better world for all mankind!

As for business, they say the Chinese people are the Jews of the East. Coming back to Malaysia, I am taken by surprise how fast things are moving in my own country, so the journey of life continues for me at a much faster pace. In Asia we let the governments do what they want with their politics. In the business and social world, it's the people who work hard every day to maintain themselves and their families and they know how to keep peace at home and with their neighbors.

From the above videos, I can highlight how adaptable and resilient Malaysia is in learning from our world leaders to keep on a steady course of progress in our own developing country.

Interesting that while in Kuantan, the newspapers talk about China's plan in Asia with positive economic growth opportunities for Malaysia:

There waa even an article about Malaysia Airlines progress while I'm here in Kuantan, reminding me of my first post above where my whole unique experiences in Kuantan started:

Tmely also that I found this CNN report on Malaysia airlines here, published at the end of April last month.

Relationships in my Journey of Life

Long term relationships with honest and true friends as well as family members are what I have always strived to maintain. It is a goal worth striving for especially when I have learned that life is eternal and doesn't end just because of our physical death. I thought about this question since young, "What on earth is just a big school and test for all of us to prepare us for greater roles beyond death?" I seemed to have experimented on this path of critical thinking exercise in my life and found many positive life-changing answers for life.

My journey of life, began with a strong influence of education as my father believed in it to free himself from poverty in the early days of Malaya. He did this by working and studying hard in Penang Free School to qualify to work for the British government in the land surveying department and later be sent to the UK to qualify as a Chartered land surveyor. He returned home to work for the government, first British and after independence the Malaysian government, till he was eligible for pension under an optional retirement scheme. With the model of success through education, he made sure that all his 5 sons would follow and we did. He further made a bold step after retirement to start his own business and this is where his influence was the greatest to me to begin business early in my journey of life.

Being the last of his 5 sons, my life naturally followed the same path of education to later qualify to be a Chartered Accountant(CPA). My life however changed to be different from all the rest as I became educated spiritually through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly nicked-named as the Mormons, in the final year of my tertiary education in Australia. Mormon culture seemed natural to me as besides teaching faith in God, like Asian culture, it emphasized on the family, to work hard in our lives and believed in education too with the quote, "The Glory of God is Intelligence".

At that point in life, what is termed today as Telesthesia, became a natural part of my life that developed a 'multi-sensory' view of everything and everyone around me. My life was filled with great interest to continue learning more than ever before with a sincere desire to connect, synergize and futurize with all the people around me. Strangely, faith in God did not seem to contradict the principles of truth I had learned in my educated life but only challenged me further to be true to the principles and theories of life that I had learned and would continue to learn. I had always felt so small in comparison to the vast knowledge of truth and light that is out there and consistently worked hard to fill my heart and mind with more feelings and knowledge of light and truth.

I believe my quest for learning and consistency maintained over my lifetime helped me build up important competencies that scientists today happen to identify them as 21st-century skills, with the criteria that they can be transferred and applied in new situations, much needed for our rapidly changing world. These are classified under the domains of Cognitive, Intrapersonal and Interpersonal skills. Wow... on learning the latest quest of the academies of sciences and education, primarily streaming from the United States, I am excited to be still alive and young enough today, in relative terms of extended life spans achievable today, to contribute to the sharing of these skills much required in the western world as well as in the east where I have always lived!

Videos like the above highlighting the importance of relationships in a multi-racial and multi-religious country like Malaysia reflects an important priority in the nation's development,

Eternal Relationships

Time keeps moving on toward the eternities. Inspiration to update this part of this old blog that started in Aug 2015 came from a facebook post from my classmate Ben living in Seattle, captured in a screenshot of the LDS Temple in Idaho Falls below:

 Taken in May 2017

Taken in 2015 Aug after Ben dropped me at the LDS Seattle Temple

Taken in 2004 August by Ben for me and my brother-in-law with our wives at the LDS Seattle Temple in a trip we called the Journey of Journeys.

A self-timer portrait of Ben and I with our wives at his home on the same day the above photo was taken.

This is a 1982 photo that I took of Ben and his wife with my wife when the four of us made a trip up to Frasers Hill when were all still single.

Yes, I do believe that family and friends can be Eternal! With these photos digitally stored in well-maintained servers today, I believe they can last for a long time here on earth long after we have all gone!

Postdated Development:

31 July 2019

My old friend Carlos Jean-Giles after many years of silence and more so when he terminated his Facebook account is back to Facebook with the following message he transmitted to all his friends who are still in Facebook like me on this day :

Dear Friends and Acquaintances: I left Facebook about four years ago because I thought social media as a whole was doing more harm than good. The way I saw it was—and still is—that anonymity is at the root of the problem. When ignorant people, racists, white supremacists and the likes are given the opportunity to spread their hateful venom through social media and elsewhere on the Internet because of their insistence on exercising unfettered first amendment rights, I knew that it was just a matter of time that an ignorant person such as Trump would become the "de facto" Leader of the Free World. Demagogues don’t play fairly; they take advantage of loopholes to get where they want to be, which is to have as much power over others as they can muster in order to try to feed their insatiable need for ego gratification. Then, they eventually reach their own level of incompetence. I learned that from the history of the country of my birth, which is, of course, Haiti. Those of you who were on my Facebook’s Friends’ List for many years knew that I had been in the habit of contacting Mark Zuckerberg on a regular basis to try to convince him that he had the moral obligation to check people’s real identity before he allows them to post publicly on his massive Platform. I advocated that the issue of protecting activists in countries where freedom of speech was not so well-entrenched as in democratic countries could readily be resolved by flagging anonymous accounts as such so that people who refuse to read anonymous posts would have the option of simply not reading them specifically for that reason. If, on the other hand, I were to choose to read anonymous posts from the Antifa or postings from a group advocating the Palestinian’s cause, I ought to accept the inherent risk of anonymity within the confines of the playing field define above and respect other activists’ rights to post under a pseudonym for their own safety. By requiring an activist to pledge allegiance to a specific code of conduct before a pseudonym account that’s tied to his or her real name can be granted, the activist would then be restrained by the fact that his privilege to post anonymously can be revoked either by posting information he or she knows to be false or by promoting antisocial behavior. Compliance with this code of conduct should not be left to chances, however. There must be a protocol of check and balances to verify compliance on a regular and continuous basis. In the same way that a person can be criminally charged for lewd and indecent conduct in a public space, social media and the rest of the Internet should not be a lair where people can resort to such behavior with immunity, and society has a legitimate right to preclude such behavior in the Internet’s public spaces as well. Had Mr. Zuckerberg consented to the aforementioned compromise that I had proposed to him as the then-leader of the Facebook Help Forum, Trump would probably never have been elected president. As the good people of the world realized the dangers of unfettered anonymity, they themselves begin to use as many fake accounts as they can in order to readjust the playing field and reduce the flooding of the Internet by propaganda and scams. This resulted in Facebook itself admitting in May of 2019 that they had removed 2.2 billion fake accounts on their platform in a span of three months. Thus, what was once a manageable issue had snowballed into a nightmare that has now reached the four corners of our planet. Not wanting to face the wrath of the scammers and the wannabe-famous who don’t particularly care about developing their talent over the long haul, Mr. Zuckerberg abdicated all responsibilities in regard to the nefarious effects of anonymity on his Platform by declaring that it’s not his job to censure the masses and admitted that he would at long last welcome governmental intervention to regulate the Internet. Of course, Mr. Zuckerberg came to that conclusion only after his chickens had come home to roost. As all of you know, we cannot change the past. But we can all learn to make better decisions so as to change our own future and the future of those we care about, including, but not limited to, God’s children. As those of you who have been on my Facebook’s Friends’ List for awhile know, I’m a firm believer of that God does not play dice with the universe. Therefore, that opportunist Donald Trump used the height of the unregulated Internet to con the American people was not at all surprising for people like me, who have been conned by others multiple times before and had true insiders’ information about Facebook for quite sometime as a result of our work. After one has been conned a few times, one becomes wiser once one has had an opportunity to reflect on what went wrong and why. Hopefully, Mr. Zuckerberg will be able to salvage his ship after it hit the iceberg of 2.2 billion fake Facebook accounts in the span of a few months. Failure to foresee a con, however, is not necessarily a sign of weakness; it can also be an opportunity for growth and to become wiser. It is for that reason that I’ve changed the focus of my writing from Facebook to anti-racism. My goal is to do that in a compassionate way because I don’t believe anyone deliberately chooses to be racist. On the contrary, racism is passed on from one generation to the next epigenetically, a process whereby imprints from our ancestors are passed onto us via changes in our organism that are caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. (You can expect to see a lot of posts on that subject on my new Facebook account.) Having said that, I have two announcements. First, my next book is entitled: America’s Curse: Racism and the Delusion of Exceptionalism, a new platform I hope to use not to incessantly bash America over the head but to remind people that America has always been a beacon to the rest of the world for being a place, though still imperfect in its current form, where most people believe that all men are created equal and deserve fair treatment despite their superficial differences. Second, I will never trust Facebook with the bulk of my information again. Thus, you all will only see a few posts of mine at any given time. That doesn’t mean that I have anything to hide. It simply means that if you want to have access to all of my posts, I must either know you personally or you must provide me with proof of your identity so that I can make sure you are who you claim to be. This way I don’t have to waste my time responding to such preposterous lies as my wife is not my wife, that I’m a felon, or that my Facebook account was deleted by Facebook. I’m not going to waste my time checking on Google the nonsense that my enemies post for the sole purpose of trying to discourage me from speaking truth to power. As I was walking on a public sidewalk while writing this article on my iPhone, a man who was blowing his grass with an electric blower yelled at me at the top of his lungs for simply walking on that public space. When I asked him why he yelled at me that way, he called me the N-word, while showing completely disregard for the rule of law in regard to that he doesn’t own the public space I was walking on despite what his guts feelings and his Trumpian delusions might have told him.


  1. What a great record of the moments our paths crossed. May it keep crossing....Ben & Joon

  2. Yes that is a great wish and it will happen for sure on Dec 15, 2018 at the Lake Club for our 'Grand-father' reunion of the SJI 70's group turning 60 as published here.


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